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Desktop Alert Wins 2016 GSN

Homeland Security Award For Best Mass Notification System

Best Mass Notification Award based on the U.S. Air National Guard enterprise deployment of Desktop Alert. Best Regional or National Public Safety Communications Award based on Desktop Alert enterprise deployments at Northern Command, NORAD, National Guard, Military Hospitals, FEMA HQ, USAFSC and most U.S. Army forts and installations nationwide.



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Military Grade Certified Emergency Preparedness Training Used in ALL 50 states by the United States National Guard

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What is Desktop Alert?

The Desktop Alert mass notification system provides an enterprise level web-based network centric emergency communication platform that manages ALL messaging/alerting requirements.

Desktop Alert is a multi-media, multi-modal mass notification platform used to deliver rich media and critical information to desktops and other devices such as telephones, cell phones, e-mail and mobile devices.

Desktop Alert provides an outstanding array of features which have resulted in sales to Fortune 100 companies, Large and Small businesses, Government Organizations, NATO worldwide, over 50 Health Care Organizations, Schools, Convention Centers, and Law Enforcement across the United States and internationally.

Certified and proven by the US Military and NATO operations around the world.


Emergency and Surveillance Alerts

Active Shooter / Lockdown / Evacuate

Daily business interruption notifications

Management Notifications

Training Alerts, Fully Documented

News Alerts

Daily Bulletins

Survey Alerts

Interfaces with in-place systems

Benefitsof DesktopAlert

Single platform simultaneously delivers alerts to multiple devices.


deployment and


Continuity of


Increased employee

Early Alert to avoid

and public safety.


Faster response

Improved focus and



Low cost redundant

Community trust. communication platform.

Exercise Emergency Preparedness Plans.

Maximize IT


Secure Messaging


Who Uses Desktop Alert ?

Government Entities (US Military, Fed Agencies, FEMA, NATO…)

Health Care Organizations (HCA, Atlantic Health, UCLA…)

Small to Large Business of all types (Daimler & Mercedes Benz, Scottrade, Winstead PC…)

Manufacturing / Industrial Facilities (Flint Hill Resources, General Dynamics,… )

Education at all levels (Piedmont Community College, Saint Leo University, St Mary’s Catholic School…)

State and Local (NY State Police, Solano County CA, Dekalb County Schools GA, Suffolk County Courts, Ada County ID…)

Convention Centers / Large Event Centers and Churches ( Boston Convention Center Authority, McCormick Place Chicago…)

Every Organization has a need for Rapid and Secure Communication

Every Organization has the responsibility to Manage Employee and Property Risks


A few notable customers

UCLA Health System across California Medical Centers

Promedica Health – 13 hospitals and numerous clinics across Ohio and Michigan

Western Connecticut Health System - hospitals and clinics throughout western Connecticut

Daimler Trucks North America – facilities across US, Mexico and Canada

Scottrade – leader in the financial industry

Mercedes Benz Financials

McCormick Place the largest Convention Center in the US

Massachusetts Convention Center Authority including the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center

Solano County California

New York State Troopers HQ


What does “Desktop Alert” do?

Desktop Alert is one of the fastest growing mass notification platforms for organizations for all sizes and missions. Certified and proven by the US military and NATO operations around the world.

Uses and benefits are only limited by an organizations need for rapid secure communications.

Desktop Alert enables organizations to rapidly and securely communicate information across all levels via multiple modalities (computer pop-ups, email, phone and SMS messaging, and mobile apps).

Alerts/Notifications are directed to groups, individuals, IP ranges, or any combination of recipients and devices.

Message content can be emergency information based (threats and hazards) and/or informational (administrative, internal marketing,…).

Desktop Alert is used by all levels of an organization: Security, Emergency Management, IT, Administration, Facility Operations, … wherever there is a need for rapid secure communication.

Used worldwide by Healthcare, Learning Institutions, small to large businesses, commercial / industrial and City/State and Local Government.


Healthcare: Active security for all staff for any emergency, active shooter, emergency preparedness, system outages, employee security with panic alert virtual and physical buttons,...

Small to Large Business and Manufacturing/Industrial: CEO, President, Sr. VP, Sales Director, HR message or issue of the week, HR updated, CEO message, products to push, emergency protection for employees for active threat, network or system outages, software/server upgrades, safety and security warnings … Manufacturing: For floor for communication in production line area, stoppage of equipment, message broadcast, emergency….

Education: Campus threat or alert, active shooter, lockdown / evacuate / all clear, severe weather, classroom security, staff notices, ….

Every Organization has a need for Rapid and Secure Communication

Every Organization has the responsibility to Manage Employee and Property Risks


State and Local: Typically large geographically dispersed organizations.

Convention Centers: Threat and weather alerts, security and building alerts, interface to security and alarm systems…

All Companies: Must alert users of fire, threat, medical, break in, evacuation, shelter in place, active shooter, network and system outages and downtime…

Every Organization has a need for Rapid and Secure Communication

Every Organization has the responsibility to Manage Employee and Property Risks


Case Study: Daimler Trucks North America

Challenge: DTNA facilities across US, Mexico, and Canada present a challenge for corporate communication and unity. This is further compounded because a large percentage of employees do not have company email addresses or phones (plant workers). The initial intent was corporate communication with the potential to move to the plant floor.

Solution: Desktop Alert was implemented and is managed by corporate communications dept. All routine employee notices are delivered to the desktop (pop-ups) and email and fully documented in the Alert History. Also interfaced to system for the delivery of the all HR notifications and job openings. Senior management publishes a newsletter and monthly short CEO video all delivered via Desktop Alert.

Monitors in production areas are used to display alerts and announcements.

Expansion to include the phone/SMS service and mobile application

Product floor usages are now being assessed. Potential uses include assembly line alerts and shutdown, emergency alerts, fire, medical, security…

Future plans: This implementation has been so successful it has expanded to Mercedes Benz financials, is being considered for expansion to all US divisions and for Daimler World-wide Enterprise.

Every Organization has a need for Rapid and Secure Communication

Every Organization has the responsibility to Manage Employee and Property Risks

Case Study:

McCormick Place Convention Center

Challenge: Communicating with over 200 security and administrative personnel across four buildings, 2.6 million square feet of exhibit space. Security Chief wanted a means to alert via computers, email, phone, SMS , and mobile application to insure the message was received and acknowledged.

Solution: Desktop Alert network centric mass notification system was implemented for all personnel across the enterprise. Alerts and communication is delivered near real-time to all personnel and devices. A significant increase in the security posture, readiness, and responsiveness; protecting people and property.

Future plans: Expand usage and avenues for revenue generation

Use to update attendees of event meetings and times.

Interface to security cameras for the distribution of real-time security video.

Potential implementation of the Shooter Detection system with DTA interface.

Investigating ways to use DTA for marketing purposes.

More ideas are still being created and implemented using this software mass alert, track, time stamped verify opened/read

Every Organization has a need for Rapid and Secure Communication

Every Organization has the responsibility to Manage Employee and Property Risks

Case Study:

Atlantic Health System

Challenge: AHS, a well know healthcare provider throughout NJ, had multiple solutions for messaging, alerting, phone, SMS, and no capability for utilizing their network infrastructure. The systems individually and collectively were insufficient, ineffective, and expensive.

Solution: Initially the implementation of Desktop Alert was limited to Security and IT usage. Further it was hampered by an aging call manager. The system has since been expanded to include all facilities across the enterprise and is now set to be used in total to replace the function of the expensive and limited call manager. The overall coverage is expanding the overall cost is decreasing.

Future Plans: AHS continues to grow and expand through acquisitions and new clinic locations. At least one new Medical Center and all associated clinics will be added in 2016. It is estimated the enterprise will publish over 1 million phone/SMS communications in 2016 and growing. The organization is considering a custom interface for automated HR data integration. Nursing has recently requested access to the Desktop Alert system for emergency, operational, and training messaging.

This scenario is consistent across the health care customers. Every hospital experiences similar issues in administration, medical, IT, facilities, security, emergency preparedness…

Every Organization has a need for Rapid and Secure Communication

Every Organization has the responsibility to Manage Employee and Property Risks

Case Study:

Solano County

Challenge: Solano County Risk Management is responsible for providing a safe work environment and thereby reducing the county risk and liability. The county health department provides fixed medical facilities and community nursing and social work. The challenge was to implement an alerting/notification system that provides capabilities across the enterprise for both onsite and offsite personnel.

Solution: Solano County received grant funding from Homeland Security for a pilot project implementing the Desktop Alert platform. The initial pilot included licensing for 250 Users, phone, SMS, and mobile app messaging, and 75 Safekey cellular GPS enabled panic devices (issued to social workers and visiting nurses). The system is managed by Risk Management in partnership with security and IT.

Future Plans: The Risk Management Office has put forth a proposal to expand Desktop Alert to the entire County enterprise of 4800 employees and all departments. As well, they have presented the Desktop Alert implementation as a best practice to the membership of the California State Association of Counties – Excess Insurance Authority (90% of all counties and 60% of al cities are members).

Every Organization has a need for Rapid and Secure Communication

Every Organization has the responsibility to Manage Employee and Property Risks