Value Proposition

Intelligent Communication

What is the value of communications received? What is the cost of communications lost or not received? Desktop Alert Technology is intelligent content distribution combined with guaranteed content delivery. Desktop Alert Software is available for U.S. Military, Call Centers, Sale Forces, Corporate Alerts, Personal Alerts, Marketing Alerts, News Alerts and more.

Client Focus

Desktop Alert has a clear product development focus with an understanding and awareness that all clients have succinct and varying needs and require an alert platform that easily integrates with existing content management systems. Simply put, “we know, its what we do”.

Guaranteed Content Delivery

Guaranteed Content Delivery. Know with an absolute certainty that your message is delivered, read and engaged. Desktop Alert eliminates content delivery issues such as SPAM filters and email viruses. Audit trail reports provide empirical data which enables quick management review and response.


Significant enterprise adoption. The U.S. Military, leading law firms, medical institutions, major U.S. police agencies and academic facilities all successfully use Desktop Alert day-in, day-out. From day one our goal as a company was to release a platform architecture structured for seamless network integration and intelligent adaptation to existing business methods and rules. Enterprise level operations demand such standards. References available on request.

U.S. Military and NATO

Desktop Alerts Emergency Mass Notification System is in the midst of significant adoption by various branches of the United States Military and now NATO worldwide. Desktop Alert has been approved as a secure solution for usage on all U.S. Military Networks. Desktop Alert provides source code to all U.S. Military installations. Desktop Alert offers the most competitive pricing and will not be undersold. Desktop Alert will install its entire platform at any U.S. Military installation for review at no cost or obligation.

Actionable Intelligence

At Desktop Alert AI means “Actionable Intelligence”. The ability to in-place intelligent methods, functions and triggers that interact with and bring crucial data to and from end-users based on end-user and/or managements predefined business rules and settings. Desktop Alert extends its functionality and management to third party content management systems through the Desktop Alert web services API. Desktop Alert enables and provides all of the parts needed to execute controlled information management and content distribution. To a military operation an alert might be issued for a base recall/evac or informing a specific group of inclement weather conditions affecting a scheduled exercise. Desktop Alert’s platform consists of a small desktop application that resides in the system icon-tray which display messages sent via a web based server side content management system.

Desktop Alert’s work great with internet, intranets, extranets and corporate communications without demanding any significant technical resources. Specifically, Desktop Alert operates on Internet or SIPRNET or NIPRNET Networks. Desktop Alert is a best-of-breed IP-Based alert technology which provides seamless integration with enterprise-class federated environments and shares communications and commands using standardized protocols such as XML and HTML.

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