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I ran across an interesting article the other day written by mass notification aficionados Rick Wimberly & Lorin Bristow. The article: Where are the Notification Market Leaders?

Our response to the article would have to be:

Well thanks for the article! It was passed onto our budget department who was originally petitioned for funding to become a Sponsor Level Member at OASIS. As to your question: Where are the Notification Market Leaders

I would say that they are in every town, city and state across America and beyond. Of course there is truth to your analysis in the sense that very often we do tend to always look for the big players to come in and redefine our markets. However, in regard to Mass Notification technologies — it might be the case that this time the mold has been broken. What is meant by that? Please allow me to explain. Mass Notification is an emerging market that is gaining more and more relevance in the world each day. However at the current time, the overwhelmingly obvious benefits to private — or non public sectors — are for lack of a better word, just not that obvious. Nevertheless, rest assured that as the corporate space becomes more and more aware of Mass Notification and its applications in Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity and other business critical areas, you can expect serious industry growth.

Rest assured that the folks already up to speed with the CAP protocols and participating in OASIS will have a healthy head start in reaching out to these new prospective customers and engaging them! Remember, the true definition of interoperability is the ability to publish mass notification nationwide or worldwide, with or without the title mass notification leader’s.

Our company Desktop Alert recently attended the CAP and EDXL Standards at OASIS Baltimore Emergency Interoperability Training Event in Baltimore. At that event were numerous vendors which represented a full spectrum/range of company size both big and small however; all companies were equal to the task in delivering the message! In a sense the OASIS Summit was in fact where the Notification Market Leaders were! Again, they led by demonstrating the ease of mass notification interoperability without the hindrance of carrying a title of Notification Market Leader’s.

Interoperable Coopetition via Message-oriented middleware is the road to success with mass notification. The days of monopolistic practices for emergency communications have gone the way of Ma Bell — such narcissistic business practices are counterproductive to the essence of interoperability, alienate business opportunities and fly in the face of the good will forged by organizations such as OASIS. Interoperability between mass notification vendors does not diminish business opportunities but rather it increases business opportunities.

Simply put, mom and pop can do business with AT&T or anyone else, and get the job done. There are many small operations that have a 99%+ server up-time capability thanks to SaaS data centers. This evolution is not a success equation based on the antiquated understanding of outdated corporate rules, but rather represent a paradigm shift, with significant upside in terms of affordability to the all important Happy Customer’s. (Yes, it’s almost silly to say paradigm shift these days, but I had to)

While premised-based solutions will always occupy a solid position in many organizations mass notification requirements, SaaS solutions via ratified open source standards will experience a dramatic spike in growth. Organizations in need of unified mass notification not capable of purchasing premised-based solutions will finally be provided with a low cost SaaS alternative. In the case of CAP emergency alert messaging, secure transmission of the information is also available at 128 bit encryption and up.

The very notion of a mass notification leaders representing the pinnacle of success with organizations such as CAP is entirely contrary to the proliferation of interoperability. The gestation process has begun and OASIS is taking on new members regularly, which include Fortune 100 companies as well as mom and pop companies. The market leaders are in place and soon they assume their place in the winners circle.

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