Class of 1977 | Sayville High School Reunion, The Big one.


You now have a online pay option.  See page bottom is you prefer sending a check.

The charge is $103.00 with an extra 3 bucks to cover Paypal fees.  If any fee’s are leftover they will be used for the event.

All you need to do is save the receipt to gain entry to the reunion.

Yes this is my personal Paypal account. Too complicated to initiate a new Business or Reunion Paypal account as it takes a few months.

I have the money being automatically forwarded/triggered to the SHS ’77 Reunion address below with my Bank of America accounts autopay macro which is bound to the Paypal account.

My accountants have assured me I will have no tax consequence.

Too too many of our classmates who I spoke to recently do not really even use checkbooks anymore.

Many I spoke to have basically demanded online payment methods “or I am not coming, I do not do checks”.

This method will likely BUMP 20+ additional attendees.   (COMMENTS WELCOMED)

Our class committee has been overburdened with both the tragic loss of class committee member Best Paauwe and also with our local ambassador extraordinaire Tracee Smith who has recently lost her brother Chad and now stricken with some very serious leg/knee issues.

Lastly, for my two cents.  We all know this is the last one of any magnitude so if you want one last shot at ringing the bell, THIS IS IT FOLKS.  Lets go out with a bang.

Sayville 77!



Sayville 1977 40 Year Reunion


$100.00 Payable to:

SHS ’77 Reunion
PO Box 771
Sayville, NY 11782
Ladies, please include your maiden name for easier identification.

Payment must be received by July 1, 2017. No walk-ins will be allowed as per the venue.