SafeKey is the ultimate personal safety solution. The fob is equipped with the world’s leading location based technology with an SOS personal emergency locator panic button, transforming your keys into a state-of-the-art weapon to meet the threat of personal danger. SafeKey is simple, easy to use, and is a direct connection to help. SafeKey is essential, convenient, and provides peace of mind. The SOS button is guarded against false hits while a lighted system warns potential attackers. Cell phone 911 use is often unrealistic or impossible. With crime stats rising with the population, make your keys a SafeKey, and assure you have a rescue in the palm of your hand every time you leave your home.

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  • 1 SafeKey device
  • 1 Carrying clip case
  • 1 Charging USB cord
  • 1 User’s guide CD
  • 1 User’s guide & info booklet


  • US Utility Patents Issued
  • CIP Issued
  • PCT 42 Countries


  • GPS 1 second hot start Position Accuracy < 2.5 meters U-Blox receiver
  • GSM Quad band frequency
  • GPRS Multi slot & mobile station
  • Air interface TCP, UDP, SMS
  • Dimensions 67mmX40mmX21mm
  • Weight 60g
  • Battery Li-Polymer 1300mAh
  • Operation temperature -20c -55c

Standard Box Contents

  • Desktop Alert
  • 346 Main Street, Chatham NJ
  • US 973-727-0066
  • Product PART NUMBERS: SK-100, 201, 202
  • Unit Cost starts at $199.00 per unit + shipping
  • Data plan cost $120.00 annually


  • Automobile OEM, Tier-1 supplier, & Aftermarket
  • PERS, lone joggers, Realtors, etc.
  • Seniors market
  • Hospitals
  • Military bases
  • Outdoorsman & Extreme sports

Main Features

  • Guarded SOS button
  • 2-way voice audio
  • LED screen
  • Water resistant
  • Choice of options, colors and finishes
  • GEO fence up to 5 regions
  • Data plans for global service
  • Full power management w 400 hours standby time
  • Lighted feedback system for all functions
  • Digital output can include remote car functions
  • Motion based 3-axis accelerometer
  • Reports every 5–10 minutes
  • Can be remotely activated
  • Global Patents & FCC/CE/PTCRB/Anatel certified

Desktop Alert Video