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Desktop Alert a worldwide recognized leader in providing best-of-breed enterprise-class, network-centric emergency mass notification systems to private, industrial, military, government and commercial organizations. We are expert service provider in group messaging, mass text messaging, emergency alerts, emergency alert system, emergency broadcast system, notification system, medical alert systems, life alert, healthcare communications & fire alarm.

Emergency Communications: Take Control of Your Existing Systems

Desktopalert delivers emergency mass notification system, group messaging, communications, and management systems that help you respond much more quickly and effectively in an emergency for starters.

If an emergency strikes, can you instantly broadcast emergency instructions throughout your site via the communications devices you already own?

E-CIM stands for Emergency Communications Information Manager. The E-CIM emergency broadcast system enables you to take immediate control of your site’s existing communications devices in a crisis—and broadcast urgent, actionable voice instructions that give your people the information they need to protect themselves.

Casino Alert System

Outdoor emergency alerts Stations

The outdoor/ruggedized emergency alerts Station protects people in locations such as parking garages, industrial settings, transportation tunnels and stations, parks and courtyards, and athletic fields. With the simple press of a Station’s Help button, people are connected to on-site or third-party security or police in seconds.

Indoor Emergency alerts Stations

Metis Secure offers a line of panic solutions that easily integrate with the overall Metis Secure emergency communications platform. If an emergency strikes your site, your ability to respond effectively will rely in part on how quickly people in trouble can let you know they need help.

Security and Life Safety Integration

Metis Secure Command Center integrates with video, access control, handheld radios, gas detectors, IP phones, outdoor loudspeakers, email/text alert services, mass text messaging, group messaging, mass notification system and other security and life safety systems.

Industrial Alert Systems

Desktop Alert is a world class provider or Mass Notification technology and now is proud to offer manufacturing and other industrial organizations a powerful solution of group messaging mass text messaging, emergency alerts, emergency alert system, emergency broadcast system called “Industrial Alert Systems” for starters and established industry.

For more serious situations the Industrial Alert System can deliver segmented notification alerts to different zones within the facility. In the event of a major incident such as an explosion, a chemical spill, a fire or other serious situation, it may become necessary to send a message to one area of the facility, with a specific set of instructions (i.e. evacuate the building) while sending another area a completely different type of communication (i.e. take cover – do not evacuate). Our system lets you integrate diverse notifications intelligently, a maximum benefit to your organization.

Total Alert Healthcare

Total Alert Healthcare realizes that healthcare organizations need a secure means to confidently communicate critical information quickly. Email and texting alone is only a partial solution assuming the message is received and read. With Total Alert HEALTHCARE time sensitive information is delivered across your in-place network of computers, displays, and other devices in addition to email and texts – True mass notification to targeted groups or the entire healthcare campus.

Total Alert Healthcare’s unique system is differentiated by

Instant delivery to mass users via multiple modes

Guaranteed Delivery

Time sensitive information delivered to groups, teams or enterprise

Secure application behind your firewall

Full audit documentation of every alert

Ease of use

Secure application behind your firewall

Full audit documentation of every alert

Ease of use

Metis Secure Solutions

  • Metis Secure Command Center software enables control, integration, and automation of emergency communications, life safety, and security systems at your facility or campus. It provides operational control to these systems from on or off site, via internet browser or mobile device. When integrated with your site’s existing communications devices–such as IP phones, digital signs, computer screens, and PA speakers–the Command Center acts as the hub for your Emergency Communications Information Management (E-CIM) system.
  • MS-5100 and MS-6100 indoor and outdoor Emergency Help Stations provide a fast and effective communication link to strategic site locations. They enable you to broadcast multi-modal emergency alerts—including voice directives, flashing lights, sirens, and text on the built-in LCD screen. They also provide built-in, inbound help call functionality–via two-way, hands-free, live voice—between people in need and security personnel or police. Each Help Station is battery-backed and acts as an independent wireless network node, forming a redundant communications and power network that helps ensure that the system still works even if phone, power, and internet fail in a crisis. For those who need a discreet way to signal for help, Metis Secure offers a line of software and hardware-based panic buttons, plus a mobile panic app.
  • Metis Secure software and hardware easily integrate with both network and analog security and life safety systems—including access control, IP video, handheld radios and mobile phones, hazardous materials and other sensors.

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SafeKey was invented when a victim was immobilized and suddenly realized he was in real trouble, and needed real help, right now, right at his fingertips. His car keys were in his hand.

SafeKey solutions connect the Mass Notification system to the end user.

SafeKey places safety connectivity right at everyone’s fingertips by equipping the key with a 2-way GPS panic button.

SafeKard places this same safety solution in the ID Badge and access card key.

All SafeKey solutions offer instant fingertip personal safety and are the issued peripheral device to the industry’s leading Mass Notification system.


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