CuteSoft Editor “Trial Error Message” Patch:

  1. Download this file:(Right Click, Save As) to a shared folder and and then copy it to the web servers Desktop.  IF your network blocks the Save As or download process, simply download and RENAME txt to lic.  🙂
  2. On the web server, identify the location of the ACTIVE Desktop Alert website folder in the following 2 steps.
  3. PLEASE verify the active web site location on the servers hard drive.
  4. Open IIS and using the mouse, single click (highlight) the Desktop Alert website under the “Sites” folder Icon.  (Sometimes there are several Desktop Alert folders from earlier unused version left remnant on servers so we want to make sure to select the correct site or the patch will not work)
  5. Now Click on “Basic Settings” in IIS, located TOP RIGHT in the screen view under the “Actions” panel.
  6. Note the “Physical Path”.  Now you know the active sites hard drive location on the server.  This is crucial.
  7. SELECT AND COPY that path with your mouse and then browse to that location.
  8. Now double click on the “bin” folder.
  9. COPY AND PASTE the file cuteeditor.lic you downloaded to the servers Desktop to this open folder. (see sample image below)
  10. Restart IIS is not required but not encouraged as a rule.
  11. The patch is complete.  The error message will cease to occur!
  12. Exit the web server.
  13. Have a “Desktop Alert” administrator open the Desktop Alert website from a browser and click on the Options “sprocket
  14. sprocket
  15. In the subsequent Settings View click on the Event Log option and select CLEAR ALL
  16. Any further questions contact