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Our Commitment

DesktopAlert is committed to provide safe & secure environment for our society.

Building Alerts

Building Alerts enable property management companies to protect buildings occupants with a unified plan for mass notification. Recent events and reports all point towards mass notification preparedness as a must for building occupants.

With One-Click Building Alerts protect lives and mitigates damages with unified messaging and rapid response via instant alerts sent to workstation computers, mobile devices, fax machines, cell phones, e-mail addresses and telephones.

Building Alert now offers The TAS EDU™ (Total Alert System Emergency Display Unit). TAS EDU™ sets a new bar for in-building emergency notification. Wall-mounted alerting devices utilize two-way voice and video communication, strobe lights and sounds to engage the attention of building occupants located in common areas, and publish alerts for personnel safety and security with details of the emergency. The TAS EDU™ provides notice for immediate attention and the TAS EDU™ devices are mounted in crucial locations throughout building facilities. Ethernet and numerous reliable wireless communication connections insure that the message is delivered.

Better customer support

We deliver emergency notification products and communications that service your critical safety requirements

What we happily offer

We deliver software and hardware products that help you protect your people, facilities, and assets when an emergency strike.

Corporate Solution

We develop advanced emergency communications and notification systems that help organizations respond to emergencies much more rapidly and effectively.

Command Center Software

Authorized users of Metis Secure’s map-based Command Center software can monitor their facilities, quickly send alerts, and answer calls for help from on or off site, through any internet browser.

Indoor Emergency Help Stations

ms-5100-metis-secure-right-angle-hi-resThe Metis Secure wall-mounted Emergency Help Station broadcasts instant emergency alerts and voice instructions, so that everyone at your site knows what to do in an emergency. With the press of the Station’s help button, anyone at your site can immediately speak with security or police to request help or report what is happening.

Download the MS-5100 Indoor Help Station Data Sheet

Outdoor Emergency Help Stations

The outdoor/ruggedized Emergency Help Station protects people in locations such as parking garages, industrial settings, transportation tunnels and stations, parks and courtyards, and athletic fields. With the simple press of a Station’s Help button, people are connected to on-site or third-party security or police in seconds.

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