Giant integration

Giant Voice/PA Systems Integration

Giant Voice Providers may apply for an integration license to connect with Desktop Alert version 5.x by submitting a request here.

Desktop Alert provides both hardware and web-services integration for GV/PA speaker activations and reporting. See our latest implementation at The United States Military Academy at West Point! Desktop Alert provides a “live reporting” GV/PA interfaces. While delivery speed is critical, visualizing it in real-time is important too.

Alert senders can now see the alert delivery process live using a new browser interface. Employing AJAX and HTML 5, the browser taps into the event stream to present alert delivery and action information to the customer in real-time. The customer must only click once to send the alert, the interface dynamically communicates with the web server (without the need for browser refresh) presenting alert delivery and action metrics.

Typically reporting is done after the fact–after the alert has been delivered and acknowledged by most of the user population. The hidden secret of why so few platforms provide this information in real-time is performance; it is difficult to distribute this information without affecting the delivery performance. Desktop Alert 2010 has been able to achieve real-time reporting with modest impact to delivery.


This bodes well for GV/PA system activation and reporting!Custom interface designs are available for intuitive GV/PA GUI presentations (GIS enhanced web-forms with speaker overlays with one click activation and real-time reporting). The Desktop Alert console interface supports and interprets GV/PA systems as an “end-point”. The Desktop Alert architecture has been designed to inherit end-points utilizing an event streaming model.

“We have achieved the holy grail in terms of performance, scale, and reliability, increasing all metrics simultaneously”, said Phil Beisel, Desktop Alert’s VP of Engineering and architect of Desktop Alert 2010. “With this release, we’ve set the bar high and jumped over it; at this point we are competing with ourselves.”

Desktop Alert notification systems have the ability to integrate with and deliver alerts across PC’s, e-mail, phones, SMS, giant voice, intercom systems, CISCO and AVAYA phone systems, Dialogic Communicator, as well as, CAP, digital signage, the Commanders channel, Amazon and Azure Cloud and social media end-points.

Desktop Alert works with Giant Voice industry leaders such as ATI Systems, Federal Signal, American Signal, Coopers Industries, Whelen, SoundCommander, Alertus and numerous other audio visual manufacturers and vendors.


The Desktop Alert solution was based on a distributed architecture with each location owning and operating their respective systems used to notify the users within their network. It is a web based solution that can be accessed and used from any AF networked PC and includes the built-in capability to alert cross system via a CAP feed. The systems work independently of each other.

A degraded system at one location does not impact the others ability to notify their users. Alerting traffic within a site remains within the network boundary of that site. Any impact to base connectivity, boundary, or access to internet does not impact the clients and users ability to communicate with their
servicing system.

See the new Desktop Alert 2010 Release here. 

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