Enterprises class unified mass notification

Desktop Alert provides an outstanding array of features which have resulted in sales to Fortune 100 companies, The United States Military, Police Organizations and Schools across the United States. Desktop Alert is multi-media, GIS enabled mass notification platform used to deliver rich media such as live surveillance video, images, audio files, giant voice, interactive Flash files and other applications to desktops and other devices such as telephones, cell phones, e-mail and mobile devices.

Rapid Application Integration Using Desktop Alerts Web Services

Extending an enterprise’s existing computational infrastructure and business logic with a next-generation information architecture is not an option in today’s aggressive marketplace. Enterprise operations need to leverage and manipulate existing information across a variety of networks without shaking up the entir e IT department in the process via the introduction of a new business tool. Enter Desktop Alert!

  • State-of-the-art Distributed Architecture for Command-Wide Deployments
  • Silent unattended client application installation to all workstations
  • Enterprise-wide alert publication capability
  • Automatic fail over redundancy
  • Roaming user detection
  • Role assignment not limited to Sign On credentials
  • Priority Alert Functionality
  • 100% Web-Based/Domain Based Application
  • Operates behind SSL certificate and can support upwards of 2048 bit message encryption
  • On-the-fly group creation as well as Active Directory group structure integration / adherence
  • Administration, Moderator and end-user controlled access to the interface
  • Embedded web-based html editor for easy yet elegant alert creation using HTML and Custom scripts
  • Built-in Windows client and web interface authentication
  • Audit trails for all published alerts
  • Template creation for re-usage
  • Calendar launch of predefined alerts, alert expiration dates
  • Desktop Alert integrates with existing IVR/PBX telephony systems and existing PA systems
  • Send Alerts to Desktops, e-mails, cell phones, telephones, all with one click!
  • Unlimited number of end-users per 4 CPU server on any domain/base!
  • Allows for pre-programmed alerts which are FIRED OFF from scenario triggers sent by existing 3rd party enterprise applications
  • Create, preview and schedule your alert in advance (html enabled)
  • See Who’s Online (drill down by groups)
  • See Who did or did not engage alerts
  • Send alerts that open with “upper most screen” functionality. If a user has multiple applications open, the alert will take the fore screen and stay open until engaged.
  • Customizable user interface
  • Leverage comprehensive reporting and unique empirical data
  • Activity is logged and available via a web-based interface easily
  • Very NON-INTRUSIVE installation. No stop/start of IIS needed during the install.
  • Average install process is one day or less!
  • Great e-mail supplement/alternative for when email servers are down
  • Guaranteed Content Delivery
  • Content delivery to a select audience or audience’s
  • Scheduled content delivery at a time you designate!
  • Delete/Cancel scheduled alerts
  • Create alerts from your own pre-defined and customized alert templates for rapid alert publication
  • Flash, Video, Sound as easy as pasting html.
  • Staggering content delivery rates upwards of 100%.
  • Great tool for OEM’s. Provide instant alerts, automatic software updates/patches and more
  • Military Alerts
  • Desktop News Alerts
  • Corporate Alerts. Excellent business tool for corporate usage
  • Marketing Alerts. Superb marketing tool
  • Sales Force Alerts
  • Help Center Alerts
  • Survey Alerts!

Desktop Alert Video