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Cisco integration

World Class Cisco Integration

(Partner: Cistera Networks – Cistera Blog)

“With over 700 Cisco UC customers using the award winning Cistera Convergence Server, Cistera is one of Cisco’s largest developer partners worldwide,” Greg Royal, CEO and Founder of Cistera Networks.

“As one of Cisco’s largest developer partner worldwide, we’re pleased to be partners with Cistera. Cistera’s worldwide proven experience with Cisco’s open platform for safety and security integrates perfectly with our mass notification platform and enables Desktop Alert to continue its leadership role with state-of-the-art IP-Based emergency preparation and response technologies,” said Howard Ryan, CEO and Founder for Desktop Alert Inc



RapidBroadcast is the preeminent broadcasting solution for Unified Communications. It allows IP phones to be grouped together to rapid broadcasting and notification. Couple that with the Cistera Zone Controller and you can mix overhead paging systems into the multicast conferences.



Connect allows instantaneous connectivity from IP Phones and Analog Phones to multiple disparate Two Way Radio Systems. Using the latest Radio over IP (RoIP) Technology, multiple communications devices can be both instantaneously alerted or bound together in a conference bridge.



QuickConnect is a SIP based outbound dialer that can mix IP Phones and analog phones together quickly in multicast conferences delivering the message in a distinct and timely manner.



QuickConference is the standard for SIP based conference bridges for event alerting and notification offering integration into QuickConnect Outbound dialing and visual management from IP Phones.

provides a comprehensive solution for scheduled alerting and notification such as school bell ringing schedule. Using the popular RapidBroadcast Application Engine and the Cistera Convergence Server(CCS), education IT administrators can control all elements of school bell ringing, from short days, K-12 and High School to emergencies, the IT administrator can tailor a schedule unique to their environment.

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