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Personal Attacks is the worst crime stat in America. They can happen to anyone, anywhere, any time.

Your keys are always on you.

SafeKey is a connected key to instant direct help, no matter where you are.
It takes 1 Second to attack vs. 5 Seconds to dial 911.

Total Alert Personal Security Devices!

SafeKey is the ultimate personal safety solution. The fob is equipped with the world’s leading location based technology with an SOS personal emergency locator panic button, transforming your keys into a state-of-the-art weapon to meet the threat of personal danger. SafeKey is simple, easy to use, and is a direct connection to help. SafeKey is essential, convenient, and provides peace of mind. The SOS button is guarded against false hits while a lighted system warns potential attackers. Cell phone 911 use is often unrealistic or impossible. With crime stats rising with the population, make your keys a SafeKey, and assure you have a rescue in the palm of your hand every time you leave your home.

SafeKey was invented when a victim was immobilized and suddenly realized he was in real trouble, and needed real help, right now, right at his fingertips. His car keys were in his hand.

SafeKey solutions connect the Mass Notification system to the end user.

SafeKey places safety connectivity right at everyone’s fingertips by equipping the key with a 2-way GPS panic button.

SafeKard places this same safety solution in the ID Badge and access card key.
The remote Bluetooth solutions can be voice activated, or are provided in a small button placed on a key ring, coupled to clothing, or worn in body webbing for military use, or in a wrist worn device for hands free operation for first responders.

All SafeKey solutions offer instant fingertip personal safety and are the issued peripheral device to the industry’s leading Mass Notification system.


Wearable SKC ID Badge Access Key Card

Features and Benefits
  • Simple, easy to use, and a direct connection to help
  • 2-way emergency broadcast with alert & audio
  • Bluetooth solution works indoors and outdoors
  • Very low power consumption
  • Lightweight
  • Can connect with cell phone, car, or computer
  • Works in controlled environment or field
  • Ideal for all markets requiring ID Badges
  • Connective device for mass notification systems
  • Connects to help in less than 1 second
  • Transmits user ID & location
  • Screen can broadcast emergency information
  • A must for government, students & medical staff
  • Can communicate with same agency Safe+Kards

Safety is of universal concern. Its solution is not an either/or scenario.

SafeKey combines location and signal technology, in any type of key. SafeKey tech is embedded in auto, home, dorm and hospital keys, as well as in public safety, lone worker, and government ID badges, card keys, and wearables.

SafeKey protects the US government, DOD, and NATO internationally, and is now being made available to the public.

SafeKey is the ultimate personal safety solution. You can’t leave home without your keys. It’s simple, smart, and patented.

“Safekey is a great idea for you and your family”

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