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Health Care Mass Notification

Hospital Emergency Alert System Used Daily at Over 50 Major Health Care Organizations / Hospitals

Military Secure, Healthcare Designed, Emergency Communications

Highly Tailored Healthcare Alerting Systems

With the Total Alert Healthcare system your healthcare organization has a unified emergency alert system with a centralized distribution console capable of targeting response teams, staff, clinics, common areas, and visitors simultaneously, informing them of the necessary steps to take in the event of an emergency.  Nobody left behind technology requires both software and devices.
Total Alert HEALTHCARE provides multi-modal capabilities delivering alerts through your in-place network of desktop computers, digital displays and kiosks, phones, text messaging, beepers, and public address system. Multimedia alerts, bulletins, reminders, and more are easily and quickly prepared. Simple one button activation provides enterprise-wide mass notification.

Total Alert Indoor and Outdoor Help Stations

Metis Secure delivers software and hardware products that help you protect your people, facilities, and assets when an emergency strikes.

  • Metis Secure Command Center software enables control, integration, and automation of emergency communications, life safety, and security systems at your facility or campus. It provides operational control to these systems from on or off site, via internet browser or mobile device. When integrated with your site’s existing communications devices–such as IP phones, digital signs, computer screens, and PA speakers–the Command Center acts as the hub for your Emergency Communications Information Management (E-CIM) system.
  • MS-5100 and MS-6100 indoor and outdoor Emergency Help Stations provide a fast and effective communication link to strategic site locations. They enable you to broadcast multi-modal emergency alerts—including voice directives, flashing lights, sirens, and text on the built-in LCD screen. They also provide built-in, inbound help call functionality–via two-way, hands-free, live voice—between people in need and security personnel or police. Each Help Station is battery-backed and acts as an independent wireless network node, forming a redundant communications and power network that helps ensure that the system still works even if phone, power, and internet fail in a crisis. For those who need a discreet way to signal for help, Metis Secure offers a line of software and hardware-based panic buttons, plus a mobile panic app.
  • Metis Secure software and hardware easily integrate with both network and analog security and life safety systems—including access control, IP video, handheld radios and mobile phones, hazardous materials and other sensors.

These Help Stations now in use at Eastern Virginia Medical Center, Cargebie Melon University and more.  See videos of these products!

Total Alert Personal Security Devices!

Panic Button

SafeKey solutions connect the Mass Notification system to the end user.

SafeKey places safety connectivity right at everyone’s fingertips by equipping the key with a 2-way GPS panic button. SafeKard places this same safety solution in the ID Badge and access card key. The remote Bluetooth solutions can be voice activated, or are provided in a small button placed on a key ring, coupled to clothing, or worn in body webbing for military use, or in a wrist worn device for hands free operation for first responders.

All SafeKey solutions offer instant fingertip personal safety and are the issued peripheral device to the industry’s leading Mass Notification system.

Visit our new SafeKey site.

Total Alert Healthcare has been designed to integrate with computers (pop-ups or email), mobile phones, PA systems, LCD/Digital Signage, VoIP phone systems, home phones, web pages and much more. Integration with these devices allows Total Alert Healthcare to provide hospitals and healthcare organizations with the ability to quickly communicate to their community on issues such as:


  • Safety Alerts and Exercises
  • Daily Bulletins
  • Training Notifications
  • Policy and procedure reminders
  • Help Desk Alerts (System Outages)
  • Community events

Total Alert Healthcare realizes that healthcare organizations need a secure means to confidently communicate critical information quickly. Email and texting alone is only a partial solution assuming the message is received and read. With Total Alert HEALTHCARE time sensitive information is delivered across your in-place network of computers, displays, and other devices in addition to email and texts – True mass notification to targeted groups or the entire healthcare campus.

Total Alert Healthcare’s unique system is differentiated by

  • Instant delivery to mass users via multiple modes
  • Guaranteed Delivery
  • Time sensitive information delivered to groups, teams, locations, or enterprise-


  • Secure application behind your firewall
  • Full audit documentation of every alert
  • Ease of use
  • Secure application behind your firewall
  • Full audit documentation of every alert
  • Ease of use
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