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Desktop Alert On-Site or Remote Emergency Preparedness Program

Implementing a comprehensive, organization-wide preparedness and safety program is a necessary, albeit formidable task. Desktop Alerts Emergency Preparedness Program of integrated consultations, training and exercises provides companies with the essentials needed to increase their resiliency and reduce the risk of injury and harm to employees and company visitors should disaster strike.

Additionally, for those companies that already have an existing plan in place, Desktop Alert has tools that can help strengthen and refine the organization’s emergency preparedness program. Whether you are just starting to draft a preparedness plan or are focused on testing and enhancing the effectiveness of your existing preparedness resources, our program has a solution for you.

Why does this program work?

Your company’s state of emergency preparedness is the sum of the individual preparedness levels of each of your employees. When employees are faced with the stress and chaos of a disaster it’s critical that they are prepared and trained to utilize the lifesaving knowledge and skills acquired during emergency preparedness training. Thus, it becomes imperative that the training protocol selected be based on an adaptive behavioral model which helps to ensure that people remember the key learning points of the training under duress. Additionally, it is essential to focus on fostering a “preparedness” culture within the organization.

The Desktop Alert Emergency Preparedness Program focuses on these two key goals to increase the resilience of an organization it the face of disaster:

1. Foster adaptive behavioral change in employees

2. Create a “preparedness” culture within the organization

It combines best preparedness practices with the science of adult learning in a continuum of integrated consultations, training, drills and exercises. The program helps employees and organizations establish a baseline for their current level of preparedness, acquire the knowledge, confidence and skills to effectively deal with a disaster and the ability to practice these skills during customized drills, team-building and tabletop exercises.

Can I customize the program for my organization?

Yes, you can customize the program by selecting the individual components of those programs that best support your current preparedness needs. Desktop Alert will collaborate with your organization to:

1. Ensure that the preparedness training knowledge and skills provided by the Desktop Alert program will supplement company-specific protocols and procedures.

2. Develop tabletop and team-building scenarios that ensure your employees to integrate their preparedness training into their specific organizational function, environment and responsibility.

Program Components (have these link to lower content. ALL content on one page)

Preparedness Audit of your workplace
Exercise and Drills
Program Extensions

Preparedness Audit of Your Workplace

Preparedness Audit

The audit provides a comprehensive assessment of your organization’s current preparedness level as measured against Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA ) guidelines and current best preparedness practices. An on-site review is conducted by a team of experienced Desktop Alert auditors in collaboration with your key personnel. The audit process is streamlined, focused and non-intrusive. An audit report detailing specific recommendations for improving your organization’s state of preparedness is provided at the conclusion of the process.

Preparedness Plan Assessment

Desktop Alert auditors will conduct an assessment of your organization’s current plan, analyzing it against current best preparedness practices, OSHA response standards and federal, state and municipal crisis protocols. A detailed assessment report is furnished to your organization upon completion of the assessment

Emergency Preparedness & Crisis Response Plan Template

This template provides organizations with a framework/guide for formulating, implementing, testing and maintaining an effective Emergency Preparedness & Crisis Response Plan. It is consistent with current best practices and conforms to emergency response protocols employed by federal, state and municipal authorities. Additionally, it provides a “step-by-step” program of consultations, training and drills necessary to ensure that a crisis response plan functions effectively.

Medical Emergency Response Team (MERT) Consultation Program

This program provides information and tools to guide your organization in the creation, configuration and deployment of medical-emergency response teams. Conducted by experienced Desktop Alert auditors, in collaboration with your key personnel, this assessment process generates a profile of the recommended emergency medical response resources your organization should implement based upon Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines and current best practices.

Exercises & Drills

Method & Metrics Program for Corporate Medical-Emergency Response Teams

This multifaceted, customized program allows organizations to assess the configuration and performance of their medical-emergency response teams in a substantive, empirical fashion. Using a combination of drills—both of classroom skills and of unannounced “real world” scenarios—trained Desktop Alert instructors evaluate and document participants’ emergency responses against Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines and best practices. Instructors provide post-drill feedback and coaching. A performance scorecard is furnished to the organization. A longitudinal database is created, maintained and available for client access.

Tabletop Preparedness Exercises

These concise, interactive, multimedia exercises are designed to be used by individual and/or interdependent departments within an organization to profile operational resiliency and facilitate preparedness planning. Choose from existing exercises to test your preparedness and planning for a power outage, explosion, flood and/or pandemic flu outbreak, or allow us to customize a scenario to meet your specific requirements. The exercises complement/supplement all facets of the Desktop Alert Emergency Response Optimization Program, and with a 60–90 minute exercise duration, are ideally suited to weekly/monthly departmental meetings. These exercises are also available in a self-facilitating administered format.

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