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Desktop Alert Emergency Alert Notification To Workstations

Desktop Alert Software provides alert management system that interoperates and manages via integration all messaging requirements with both underlying and overlying like/dissimilar messaging systems for alerting notification, scenario activation, self-service user contact management, role and permission management, near real-time alert tracking, and near real-time reporting.

Desktop Alert Client Install Options (MSI File)

Desktop Alert Client Install Options (MSI File)
Debuging Switch The /qb-! parameter runs the installer with a basic User Interface that shows simple progress and error handling,
Silent Install Switch Allows install of the ap across the LAN to workstations without user assistance
Uninstall Allowed by User This feature can prevent users from uninstalling the Desktop Alert App
ActiveDirecetory Or Forms Mode Authentication
TTS Volume Sets Volume of TTS
Enable Text To Speech (TTS) Determines of the Popups will automatically read the alerts content using text-to-speech
User selection of TTS Menu Item Allows a user to enable text to speech manually from settings
User speed adjustment of TTS being read aloud TTS rate
Hide Exit Menu True/False If enabled, user cannot quit the alert application
DoNotDisturbMenuItem True/False If enabled,user may select do not disturb for X amount of minutes
Set UNC location of MSI for LAN Deploy Used by admins for SCCM like programs pushing install to LAN
Set Web Server URL ex: URL=http://yourservername_OR_url/AlertService.asmx
Set Failover BACKUPURL (redundancy) ex: URL=http://yourBACKUPservername_OR_url/AlertService.asmx
AutoClose (in seconds) ex: 60
PlaySound True/False
Push Client True/False Set to true or false (default) for long-polling or false to use polling
Set Poll Interval in Seconds True/False The number of seconds to poll for unread alerts (default is 15)
SnoozeButton True/False If Enabled Allows Users to Snooze an alert
ScreenSaver True/False If enabled customer can push out a custom screensaver to machines
Sample Install Script msiexec /qb-! /i “\\SERVER\SHARE\DesktopAlertClient.msi”URL=http”//desktopalert/AlertService.asmx AUTHENTICATIONMODE=Windows HIDEEXITMENU=trueHIDEDONOTDISTURBMENU=TRUE POLLINTERVALSECONDS=20

Desktop Alert Usage Features

Desktop Alert Usage Features
Full Screen Alerts Yes
Height and Width Adjustments Yes
Popup Location: Top Left, Top Right, Bottom Left, Bottom Right or Center Screen Yes. Prevents Nurse Kiosks Critical Patient Data from being blocked
Continuous Scrolling Marquee on top or bottom of screen with scroll speed rate setting and TTS option Yes
Prevent user from closing alert or scroll banner for X amount of minutes Yes
HTML Enabled Alerts (Rich Text) Yes
Built-In Surveys, Polls and Live Bi-Directional User Communication during emergencies Yes.
Play Videos/Flash Yes
Hyperlinks Yes
Hyperlink Click Reports Yes
Realtime Who’s online / offline Yes
Anonymous/Reverse 911 alerting. Targeting by IP / Subnet Mask Yes
Desktop Alert Templates Yes
Single Click Activation Yes
Desktop Icon for Panic Button Activation Yes (Key for Hospitals)
Embedded Realtime Chat App Yes
Acknowledge Button Yes
Acknowledge button with numeric response Yes
Message Branding Yes
Review Last Alert Menu Item Yes
View All Alerts Received Yes
If alert not expired, shows up when user logs in Yes
Discrete / Silent Alert Feature Yes
Supports Foreign Languages Yes
Role/Permissions-Based Yes
Show Auto Close Countdown Yes
Hide alert content option until opened Yes. Very Small Popup indicating alert has arrived. Clickt to view
Embed custom Audio Tone (Beeps) Yes
Embed custom audio file Yes
Resend popups to unacknowledged users Yes
Priority Popups Yes. Shuts down current open popup on user screen, shows High Level popup instead
Cancel alert, shut down all open popups Yes

Desktop Alert Software

Award Winning

Indoor Emergency Help Stations

ms-5100-metis-secure-right-angle-hi-resThe Metis Secure wall-mounted Emergency Help Station broadcasts instant emergency alerts and voice instructions, so that everyone at your site knows what to do in an emergency. With the press of the Station’s help button, anyone at your site can immediately speak with security or police to request help or report what is happening.

Download the MS-5100 Indoor Help Station Data Sheet

MS-5100 Indoor Emergency Help Station Features:

  • In a mass emergency, alert everyone at your site in seconds, and provide actionable emergency voice instructions. In the case of a smaller incident, alert and instruct just the people at the affected location
  • Send targeted instructions to specific locations via text to speech
  • Multi-faceted alerts are highly intrusive, with voice, text, sirens, and lights
  • Help button connects people in need with security via two-way, hands-free, live voice communication over IP networks
  • Help Stations can be set up to connect people in need directly with security patrols via their handheld radios or mobile phones
  • If central power, phone, text, and internet networks fail, Help Stations automatically switch to battery and wireless mesh network backup, so they still work when other systems are down

Outdoor Emergency Help Stations

The outdoor/ruggedized Emergency Help Station protects people in locations such as parking garages, industrial settings, transportation tunnels and stations, parks and courtyards, and athletic fields. With the simple press of a Station’s Help button, people are connected to on-site or third-party security or police in seconds.

MS-6100 Outdoor/Rugged Emergency Help Station Features:

  • Endpoint of a comprehensive IP-based emergency notification and communications syste
  • Supervised system automatically alerts operators in cases of tamper, power, or other operation issues
  • Features triple-redundant communication technologies (Wi-Fi or Wired Ethernet, Wireless Mesh, FM-RBDS)
  • Delivers targeted messages in seconds, with voice and text display, sirens and flashing lights
  • Includes all of the features you expect from a ruggedized Station: molded UV-rated bright safety yellow enclosure; extreme weather resilience (-20° F to 150°F); NEMA, UL/cUL 50/508, CSA Std. C22.2 type ratings of 1, 3, 3s, 12, 13, 4X