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Casino Centric Notification Alert Platforms

The Casino Alert System connects to your Casinos existing computer screens, IP Cameras, IP phones, PA systems, email servers, digital signs, security personnel’s radios and cell phones, and almost any other analog or digital communications device.

If an emergency strikes your property the Casinos ability to respond effectively will rely in part on how quickly people in trouble can let you know they need help. Sometimes, your personnel may need to discreetly summon help—for example, when an agitated client in your lobby or playing room becomes disruptive. Or, someone reactive customers may need to signal an emergency (different than a call for standard support)  while in or at a hotel room, parking garage, elevator, gaming table or device, common areas like hallways and lobby’s.  Our Help Stations (equipped with bi-directional hands free live voice over IP) present a formidable technology that mitigates emergent events before, during and after such occurs.

We provide personal security devices such as Safe+Key for roaming personnel.  (Satellite managed GSM devices not reliant on poor cell phone signals) Safe+Key provides a live real-time GPS map using location-based services that enable the alerted personnel to both receive the alert and track the distressed individual(s).

The system presented here is used daily at the Pentagon, Fort Hood, West Point Military Academy, Mercedes Benz International, Scott Trade, U.S. Air National Guard Nationwide, over 50 U.S. Major Hospital locations such as Atlantic Health and Hospital Corporation of America (HCA), U.S. Prisons, Ventura County CA Personnel, Solano County CA Personnel, Mitsubishi Japan, NATO worldwide, U.S. Army Afghanistan,  and much more with over 400 Enterprise Level clients who have re-upped with our company for upwards of a decade.

The unique utilization of IP-Based computational infrastructures utilized by Casinos combined with our companies lessons learned and best activeness enable our Casino one-stop end-to-end notification solution a most effective and affordable emergency notification platform proposition.  And, U.S. Military Grade, U.S. Military Certified.

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Desktop Alert Mass Alert System for Casinos

A complete suite of secure mass notification products tailor made for Casinos.

Desktop Alert enables critical notifications to be sent to Casino security personnel computers, cell phones, LMR’s, IP-Cameras, employ pendants and more insuring that the targeted recipients see the alert and react quickly—utilizing actionable intelligence. The Desktop Alert system ensures that when an alert is published, it is seen by those who need to see it. Desktop Alert provides the security layer protection for the Emergency Call Center eliminating the possibility of unauthorized access to their Emergency Broadcast Network.

Redundant Communications and Power Networks

The Desktop Alert combined software and hardware system relies on multiple, independent communication technologies to help ensure that it works when all else fails. Our unique, patented emergency communications backbone includes:

Trial The Desktop Alert platform on your network.  We will provide full remote install support (about 2 hours) so that your Casino can fully evaluate the platform in your test lab.  W provide a pre-install requirement document to your GEEKS which enumerates all ports and protocols used by our platform in detail for review by your network security personnel.  i.e.  We have it all covered.  The platform runs over IIS and MS SQL Server.

The Desktop Alert platform operates on your local area network AND connects securely and seamlessly over the cloud with all Casino properties using Desktop Alert’s Community Connect (use by NATO).

The Desktop Alert platform operates on your local area network and only your admins will determine what if any cloud services are used or required. (such as a redundant cloud backup on Azure or AWS).  We are active directory enabled.

The Desktop Alert platform enables Casinos to allow customers and visitors to register (OPT-IN) for alerts. Ex: [x] Emergency Alerts [x] Account Alerts [x] Promotional Alerts [x] Vendor Alerts ETC.  Such is currently the case at Massachusetts Convention Center.  And all integrated with your Casinos databases.

Wi-Fi or Wired Ethernet
The Desktop Alert platform operates on your local area network via Wi-Fi or wired ethernet connection

Wireless Mesh Network
As a critical back-up if IP networks fail in an emergency, the Desktop Alert  system relies uses an independent wireless network that communicates within and between buildings.  i.e.  If the network goes down, we still work! (ALERT).

Radio Broadcast Data System (RBDS) is a communications protocol for embedding digital information in FM radio broadcasts.

Indoor Emergency Help Stations
The Metis Secure wall-mounted Emergency Help Station broadcasts instant emergency alerts and voice instructions, so that everyone at your site knows what to do in an emergency. With the press of the Station’s help button, anyone at your site can immediately speak with security or police to request help or report what is happening.

Outdoor Emergency Help Stations
The outdoor/ruggedized Emergency Help Station protects people in locations such as parking garages, industrial settings, transportation tunnels and stations, parks and courtyards, and athletic fields. With the simple press of a Station’s Help button, people are connected to on-site or third-party security or police in seconds.

Security and Life Safety Integration
The Metis Secure system is built to tie together security and life safety systems and leverage your previous investments. The Metis Secure Command Center integrates with video, access control, handheld radios, gas detectors, IP phones, outdoor loudspeakers, email/text alert services, and other security and life safety systems.

Assignable Alert Activation Icons – Virtual Panic Buttons!

Desktop Alert Inc. recently introduced assignable alert activation icons. With a click of the mouse alerts are distributed and delivered to targeted personnel and devices in just seconds. The impact of the assignable alert activation icon is that every computer in the organization can become both a security alerting device and an alert receiving device. No new hardware or infrastructure is needed. Desktop Alert utilizes the in-place information technology infrastructure. Press Release Here:

Installing the alert activation icon is a simple drag and drop process. Each icon is linked to a user defined alert scenario. An unlimited number of customized alert activation icons can be created, linked, and assigned to individuals and computers. When activated, alerts are distributed based on the defined scenario instantly delivering the message to recipient devices including computer pop-ups, email, SMS, phone calls, mobile devices, and various other end points.

Assignable alert activation icons are the latest addition to an expanding family of Desktop Alert alerting devices. Some of the other devices include physical panic buttons, Desktop Alert mobile application (iOS and Android),and personal security GPS enabled key fobs.