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DESKTOP ALERT: Instant notification and information sharing across IP Networks

Communication is a fundamental part of your everyday operations. Any disruption to the flow of information can result in loss of reputation, loss of revenue or even loss of life. To mitigate these risks, organizations are seeking new ways to alert employees with immediate verification of message delivery.Companies, large and small and serving diverse industries, use the Desktop Alert notification system available from Airbus DS Communications.Instantly disseminating messages to thousands, the Desktop Alert notification solution turns any networked PC or laptop into a highly effective and reliable channel for urgent communication. Its audible and visible alerts take precedence over all other open applications, appearing in the recipient’s foremost screen and remaining open until physically engaged. Intuitive, rich media allow these notifications to include streaming video, images, text, interactive Adobe® Flash files, etc., increasing awareness of potential hazards, operational changes and more.


  • Fires
  • Building evacuations
  • Security threats
  • Workplace violence
  • Severe weather
  • Compliance
  • HR communications
  • Traffic delays
  • Shelter-in-place activations

The Desktop Alert notification solution includes an Active Directory scanner that automatically checks for changes every 20 minutes. This simple, scheduled activity not only confirms data accuracy, but also saves both time and money in system maintenance. It also features Microsoft® Client Authentication, providing user recognition, regardless of the workstation’s location, and multiple profiles on all networked computers.With the Desktop Alert solution, content delivery rates consistently measure at an impressive 100 percent. Accordingly, Airbus DS Communications clients often attest to knowing – with absolute certainty – their message(s) will be delivered and engaged in virtually any situation.They know they will receive prompt, professional technical support should the need arise, and all are encouraged to take part in Airbus DS Communications University, the company’s comprehensive education program.


Your community trusts you to protect them, and that means more than just using the right equipment. It means having a trusted partner in public safety communications. That partner is Airbus DS Communications, where your CRITICAL MATTERS™.

As the world’s largest and most reliable source for Next Generation 9-1-1, Land Mobile Radio and Emergency Notification, we keep people connected when it matters most. For over four decades, Airbus DS Communications has designedsolutions with an open mind, creating smarter ways to keep all our communities safe. Today we support more than 60% of all U.S. Public Safety Answering Points, serving over 200 million people, along with hundreds of private sector businesses in 20+ different industries, including transportation, utilities and healthcare, and Federal Civil and DoD operations globally.

At Airbus DS Communications, we welcome the opportunity to share more information about our products and services, along with the many successes of our devoted customers and our vision for the future of public safety communications. To learn more, call 951.719.2100 or visit

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