Industry Articles

Industry Articles

Homeland Security Solution Providers – 2017 Desktop Alert: Our goal is to provide organizations with rapid and secure communication to their personnel through a federated and unified alerting platform.
December 2017

Out of the mouth of babes…….lives will be saved in our nations schools

December 2017

Personal Security Device

Its a Real Cell Phone In a FOB!

December 2017

Army gives Desktop Alert authorization to continue operations at West Point
October 2016

The changing paradigm in mass notification: Unified Communications

July 2011

Post’s mass notification augmented with computerized alerts

April 2011

Demand for mass notification systems expected to soar

May 2013

Desktop Alert’s Mass Notification System Alerts Thousands at a Single Stroke

May 2012

Common Alerting Protocol is becoming more common among military agencies

September 2010

Desktop Alert Founders Launch Nations 1st Police Website

August 1995

Desktop Alert Video