Mission, Vision and Value

Company Statement

Mission Statement


Desktop Alert strives to produce a superior, yet affordable product with quality, innovation and a high standard of customer service as the anchor of our corporate philosophy. Adapting Desktop Alerts best-of-breed mass notification platform to meet the needs of customers has been a key element to our success.

Desktop Alert is a leader in emergency notification technology and our employees share equally in the accomplishments of the organization. Saving lives and reducing injuries during mass casualty incidents is at the crux of our software development. Regardless of the media requirements for the content of the alert, Desktop Alert delivers the message effectively and efficiently.

Vision Statement

Desktop Alert will continue as an innovator of mass notification technologies which will always remain highly scalable, adaptable, and affordable while being easily managed and deployed to our customer base.

Value Statement

Desktop Alert Provides Interoperable Mass Notification Platforms Using Message-Oriented Middleware and our customers are our number one priority.

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