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SVP Account Relationship Manager

Job description

Desktop Alert is looking for a SVP Account Relationship Manager for their growing team. This position will be based in Chatham, NJ

Qualifications & Responsibilities

The Relationship Manager is responsible for the overall leadership of specified client relationships/businesses including the development of strategic plans, overseeing the execution of plans and program elements, and financial management.

  • The Relationship Manager is expected to lead the business independently, from the highest level of strategic planning to the execution and implementation of those marketing plans.
  • The Relationship Manager strives to add value to the client’s business, thereby making himself/herself an invaluable member/partner of the client’s business team.
  • The Relationship Manager is the team leader, responsible for motivating his/her team, addressing areas of need, and ensuring the highest possible quality of work generated by the team.
  • The Relationship Manager is responsible for profitably building the business on which he/she works, by identifying new project and business opportunities.

Position Responsibilities :

The responsibilities for the Relationship Manager fall into the following categories:

Collaboration and Consultation

  • Know your client . Work collaboratively with them and their agencies to ensure the best strategies and integrated plans possible.
  • Lead your client . Constantly educate your client in the areas of promotional, digital and shopper marketing. Provide a point of view and recommendation on a plan/course of action. Be a go-to source for advice and council.
  • Extend your client relationships . Understand the core competencies to cross sell and expand Desktop Alerts’s sphere of influence within the client organization.
  • Develop annual account plans for all assigned accounts
  • Formulate account specific service tactics, utilizing team orientation in support of the account plan
  • Direct the team’s account service effort
  • Ensure service levels and tactics are keeping with strategic goals
  • Monitor and direct expansion of management relationships
  • Develop the account relationships for long-term association
  • Service accounts personally and directly, updating and including the Group Director when appropriate
  • Acquire client assignments. Define, clarify and focus direction.
  • Lead the development of any long-term account or related industry strategy
  • Add value, expertise and knowledge
  • Look to develop client relationships at the senior level
  • Proactively grow client business

Project Direction

  • Develop, investigate and initiate project opportunities
  • Guide team to ensure flawless execution
  • Communicate the client request to the appropriate agency departments and individuals. Develop a close and effective working relationship with the creative and production teams.
  • Define and communicate timing and budget
  • Ensure high levels of accuracy across all aspects of the business
  • Shape concepts into programs
  • Write or direct the writing of creative options and/or execution plans
  • Coordinate creative efforts
  • Participate in all assigned account presentations
  • Follow-up and where needed, act directly to ensure client satisfaction
  • Provide continuous contact communication with the client, across appropriate levels, as well as with internal management
  • Evaluate product quality on an ongoing basis
  • Financial Management
  • Responsible for the financial contributions of multiple clients businesses (if applicable) including revenue, resource allocation/expenses, invoicing, collecting bad debt, margin improvement, contract negotiations/development
  • Deliver on preset gross profit objectives
  • Coordinate project estimates internally and gain client approval on pricing
  • Manage internal project costs against budgets

Successful Relationship Managers set the standards in these areas:

  • Strategic Thinking – Provide a thorough knowledge of strategic dynamics across multiple business categories and situations so as to represent solid thought leadership to clients. The Relationship Manager provides insights and strategic direction for individual teams, giving parameters from which to approach assignments and develop strategic plans and a point of view/recommendations, using analytic skills and all available data tools. The Relationship Manager fosters the organization’s point-of-difference as leaders in strategic thinking and out-of-the-box problem solving in relation to the industry and client’s expectations.
  • Concept Champion – Lead the concept development component within the group and champion ideas, approaches and opportunities both internally and with clients. The Relationship Manager needs to challenge the team to think differently about their respective businesses and to provide the ability to work with the team to identify, cultivate and fully develop sound concepts that meet/exceed the business and client’s objectives.
  • Team Leaders – Bring resources together to collectively work against a client’s business objective. They must be strong team builders who foster camaraderie in a positive, nurturing environment. The Relationship Manager coaches, mentors and teaches as they demonstrate the ability to grow businesses, careers and the organization’s bottom line.
  • The Relationship Manager is a Manager that works to develop subordinates, tailoring growth plans and objectives according to their individual strengths and weaknesses to build the agency’s future leaders. Inspire, challenge and lead by example (and such other duties and responsibilities that may be assigned from time to time)

Position Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • A minimum of 10 years of relevant work experience
  • The ability to drive and/or assist in the steps necessary to get various programs launched. Possess strong strategic planning, project management, communication and executional skills.
  • Must possess excellent presentation skills
  • Demonstrate understanding of the essentials of marketing
  • The ability to drive and/or assist in the steps necessary to get various strategies implemented
  • The ability to interface and communicate with the client
  • The ability to meet or exceed client expectations in the area of account management, industry/category/brand knowledge with a good understanding of industry channels and market conditions
  • Should have high standards, a strong work ethic and be able to function autonomously, while retaining team membership and spirit.
  • Thorough and accurate communication ability
  • Ability to manage multiple priorities with strong organizational skills
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office programs


Conditions of Employment

All job offers are contingent upon successful completion of certain background checks which unless prohibited by applicable law may include criminal history checks, employment verification, education verification, drug screens, credit checks, DMV checks (for driving positions only) and fingerprinting.


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