Higher Education

Desktop Alert is a world class provider of Mass Notifications technology offering colleges, universities and other academic institutions a powerful alert solution

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Building Alerts

Building Alerts enable property management companies to protect buildings occupants with a unified plan for mass notification. Recent events and

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Total Alert Healthcare

Total Alert Healthcare Desktop Alert is a world class provider of Secure, Targeted and Mass Notification technology solutions. We are now proud to offer hospitals and

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Panic Button Devices

Desktop Alert provides optional Panic Button Devices that SECURELY integrates with the Desktop Alert. The device connects to the
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Desktop Alert Wins Numerous 2014 GSN
Homeland Security Awards

Best Mass Notification Award based on the U.S. Air National Guard enterprise deployment of Desktop Alert. Best Regional or National Public Safety Communications Award based on Desktop Alert enterprise deployments at Northern Command, NORAD, National Guard, FEMA HQ, USAFSC and most U.S. Army forts and installations nationwide.

2014 GSN Homeland Security Awards

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Desktop Alert EOC Call Centers



Desktop Alert is a best-of-breed IP-Based alert technology which provides seamless integration with enterprise-class federated environments


World Class Cisco Integration

Cistera Networks Partners With Desktop Alert to Extend Cisco Alerting Integration Capabilities to the US Federal Government Worldwide.


Emergency Response Interoperability Center (ERIC)

The mission of the Emergency Response Interoperability Center is to establish a technical and operational framework that will ensure nationwide operability and interoperability in deployment and operation of the 700 MHz public safety broadband wireless network


Giant Voice/PA Integration

Giant Voice Providers may apply for an integration license to connect with Desktop Alert version 5.x by submitting a request here. Desktop Alert provides both hardware and web-services integration for GV/PA speaker activations and reporting

About Desktop Alert

Desktop Alert Inc.is a worldwide recognized leader in providing best-of-breed enterprise-class, network-centric emergency mass notification systems to private, industrial, military, government and commercial organizations. Desktop Alert has numerous strategic relationships and partnerships with industry re sellers. By partnering with Desktop Alert, your organization will instantly augment critical information delivery intelligently and efficiently with little to no technology barrier.

Desktop Alert is IP-Based alert technology, which provides consistent integration with enterprise-class federated environments and shares communications and commands using standard protocols.

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