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Product Overview

Desktop Alert enables the Nation’s emergency response community to communicate and share information across all levels of government, jurisdictions, disciplines, and organization for all threats and hazards, as needed and when authorized. Worldwide Healthcare, Learning Institutions, U.S. Military organizations such as The United States National Guard, The United States Air Force Academy, The United States Military Academy at West Point, Multi-National Forces in IRAQ, The U.S. Air Force, The U.S. Army now utilize the DTA mass notification platform daily for their organizations emergency communication requirements. Desktop Alert can contact thousands of users with desktop alerts and require receipt confirmation of the message. Those not verified can then be listed on a report and/or sent as a “Target Package” to be automatically contacted by other means such as email, SMS, phone calls and other devices.

Desktop Alert Enterprise provides a web-based management system that interoperates and manages via integration all messaging requirements with both underlying and overlying like/dissimilar messaging systems for alerting notification, scenario activation, self-service user contact management, role and permission management, near real-time alert tracking, and near real-time reporting.

SaaS and Premised Based Solutions

Desktop Alert provides two business models; Software as a Service (SaaS) and Premised Based Solutions. Premised based solution operates behind an organizations firewall. The Desktop Alert premised based solution integrates with directory services such as Active Directory and enterprise applications and appliances via web services.

Building Alerts

Command Center Software

Authorized users of Metis Secure’s map-based Command Center software can monitor their facilities, quickly send alerts, and answer calls for help from on or off site, through any internet browser.

Indoor Emergency Help Stations

ms-5100-metis-secure-right-angle-hi-resThe Metis Secure wall-mounted Emergency Help Station broadcasts instant emergency alerts and voice instructions, so that everyone at your site knows what to do in an emergency. With the press of the Station’s help button, anyone at your site can immediately speak with security or police to request help or report what is happening.

Outdoor Emergency Help Stations

The outdoor/ruggedized Emergency Help Station protects people in locations such as parking garages, industrial settings, transportation tunnels and stations, parks and courtyards, and athletic fields. With the simple press of a Station’s Help button, people are connected to on-site or third-party security or police in seconds.

Total Healthcare Alerting Systems

Total Alert HEALTHCARE provides multi-modal capabilities delivering alerts through your in-place network of desktop computers, digital displays and kiosks, phones, text messaging, beepers, and public address system. Multimedia alerts, bulletins, reminders, and more are easily and quickly prepared. Simple one button activation provides enterprise-wide mass notification.

Panic Buttons

If an emergency strikes your site, your ability to respond effectively will rely in part on how quickly people in trouble can let you know they need help. Sometimes, your people may need to discreetly summon help—for example, when an agitated person in your lobby confronts a receptionist. Or, they may need to call for help while on the move.

Casino Centric Notification Alert

Casino Alert System connects to your Casinos existing computer screens, IP Cameras, IP phones, PA systems, email servers, digital signs, security personnel’s radios and cell phones, and almost any other analog or digital communications device.

Metis Secure Common Area Alerting Devices

Metis Secure delivers emergency notification, communications, and management systems that help you respond much more quickly and effectively in an emergency to alert us all.. Call or email today for more information.

Integrated Public Alert and Warning System

The Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS) is an architecture that unifies the United States’ Emergency Alert System, National Warning System, Wireless Emergency Alerts, and NOAA Weather Radio, under a single platform.

Alert Activation by Phone & Mobile

The Desktop Alert iPhone application verbally “announces the alert” without user intervention.Further, Desktop Alert pushes Video alerts, pre-recorded OR video alerts that automatically connect to live security cameras.

Desktop Alert is a network-centric, highly scalable enterprise-wide mass notification platform architecture.

  • Deployed in a one or more locations, optional offsite location(s) for redundancy
  • Virtual, public or private Desktop Alert systems are created for each individual customer location.
  • Managed by Single Sign-On, Opt-In Sign-On, 3rd Party system(s) integration(s) as well as management access rites, rights and permissions.
  • The system alerts all personnel across all locations in seconds, not minutes.
  • Single or multiple cooperating unified EOC console(s) for managing all notification events to all end-points and devices.
  • Legacy systems with physical integration’s such as serial ports, dry contact switches and more. Alerts are triggered at once across all systems and end-points/devices.
  • The system alerts all personnel across all locations in seconds, not minutes.
  • Remote Alert activation extensible to 3rd party systems.

Desktop Alert consolidates multiple warning systems into one web-based user interface enabling command operators to initiate emergency alerts to any warning devices via a single web-based interface. Desktop Alert is a Enterprise-class unified mass notification platform that includes capability to:

desktop alert
  • Initiate emergency alerts to ip-addressable warning devices via single web-based interface.
  • Integrate user data from data sources such as LDAP/Active Directory, SIDPERS and MILPDS, CSV.
  • Manage single repository of emergency alerting templates and scenarios.
  • Manage permission-based access for operators (unlimited administrators/moderators).
  • Enable real-time tracking and reporting (AJAX). Bi-directional acknowledgement capability for all devices.
  • Manage integration to multiple delivery devices such as public address systems, indoor intercom systems,
    VoiP Phones, Land-lines, Cell, Pagers, E-Mail, Workstation pop-ups.
  • Full integration XMPP Live Instant Messaging.
  • Alert applications are customized with your network insignia.
  • WYSIWYG Editor

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